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Going It Alone Is A Losing (And Lonely) Game


And Feel Understood & Accepted

Empower Your Relationships With The Help Of A Powerful Growth-Oriented Community

Join Your Relationship TRIBE Now!

Join the RELATIONSHIP SCHOOL® ROOTS COMMUNITY and finally learn how to communicate in a responsible way with your loved ones.

It’s time to walk and live these skills in your DAILY life.

Belong to a tribe that has your back with getting what you want relationally.

Be THE person in your family that knows how to take a relationship deeper and resolve ANY conflict.

Have a leg up on most people who have no idea how to “lead” in relationship.

Check Out These Words From Members





The Roots Community is like a gym membership. But it’s a “relationship gym” or an “Intimacy Gym.” It’s like a gym because you have to show up and do the work to get a result. is

This community is the foundational community of The Relationship School®. Roots has been active since late 2014 and is made up of men, women, singles, partnered individuals, and couples who are into personal growth and development. The Roots tribe understands that if you want the goodies of a sexy relationship, you’ll need to put in some sweat effort. You’ll need to practice.

Twice per month you get a live group coaching call with Jayson or one of his Relationship Coaches where they teach or review a relationship tool.  Then you practice the tool in real time. Then you get to ask him any relationship question going on in your life. Live calls are every other Wednesday at 11am MT or 4pm MT. No probelm, you can watch the replay and call another community member to pradtice.

We place archived calls in the private member’s area. There are also PDFs and worksheets to deepen your relationship practice.

In addition, all members are encouraged to share in the private Facebook group and find partners to “practice” the relationship tools with. We’ve designed Roots to get you the best result for the value you invest. There is no place on the planet offering these kind of outstanding tools and practice in the context of long-term relatinship. Roots is the strongest community out there in this regard.


BENEFIT #1 - Tools- These are the skills you need to practice over and over

  • Each month you will review and practice at least one relationship tool
  • Once you join, you get to keep access to the tool kit from each month you have been a part of.
  • We can’t stress enough how important it is to practice the tools, which is why we spend so much time practicing

BENEFIT #2 -Live and recorded teaching and coaching

  • TWO monthly group classes where direct feedback from Jayson and Jennifer along with peer support (all calls are recorded and posted in members area)
  • Get personalized practice in a group format where you can keep refining your knowledge of the tools. Learn from others who are going through similar victories and challenges
  • Each class is archived and can be reviewed at any time over your 12 month commitment.

BENEFIT #3 - Belong to a Growth-Development Oriented Community

  • We all want to belong. Include you.
  • A private members only Facebook group
  • Accountability. Friends and co-travelers who “have your back” because they are holding your feet to the fire
  • Where else are you going to belong to a group that has these tools and this type of accountability?

BENEFIT #4 -Practice Partners To Help The Tools Stick

  • Optional access to regular practice partners selected by you
  • Connect with people around the world who are doing the same work
  • Put into action all that you are learning
  • Get reflection and inspiration
PLUS, When you join Roots, you will automatically get 10% discount
off all products and courses!

Get INSTANT Access To:

Support and challenge
A private FB group
A google sheet where you can find a practice partner today
Links to the next bi-monthly practice call


2 Live Calls/Month
10% Discounts on all Courses & Products


$31/Month if Paid Annually

$47/Month if Paid Monthly


You save big when you make a 1 year commitment.

Are you ready? This type of deal won’t last long.

When Do We Meet?

Live calls are 2 times per month on Wednesdays
at 11am MT or 4pm MT.

WHERE do we meet?

Using ZOOM, you can join each class right on your computer
or smartphone from home or work.


Click the button below to apply to join
The Relationship School® ROOTS Community.

After you submit your application, we will review it and someone from our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Real Results from Our Community:

~ Lisa Newman


Try the Relationship School® ROOTS Community for 30 days and if before 30 days is up, you are not satisfied, just send us an email and we’ll give you your $ back. I won’t want your money if you are not getting served by what I’m offering here.
After 30 days you can cancel your membership at any time and your auto payments will stop at the end of your next billing cycle.
Not satisfied? Send us an email within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund you. After 30 days there are no refunds.