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Parents-Why Your Kids Need You To Be In Charge – Kim John​ Payne – SC 185

Kids have been getting a lot of attention for troubling behavior recently…committing mass shootings, posting disturbing viral videos and lashing out at their parents with shocking rage. What is going on!?! In this episode, renowned author and counselor Kim John Payne clears up misconceptions about “disobedient” children and explains how you can bring a balance of power back to your household.

Why it’s Essential to Fight in Front of Your Kids – SC 183

Fighting in front of the kids is a major taboo, but should it be? What if we started treating each conflict in the home as an opportunity for relationship homeschooling? Jayson Gaddis has spent years teaching kids (including his own) about how to do conflict. News flash: Lectures aren’t the answer. Leading by example is!

Dealing With Your Inner Critic and Inner Child – Richard Schwartz – SC 182

Not a fan of your inner critic? What if that negative voice inside isn’t your enemy but a valuable part of your internal family? Author, psychotherapist and founder of the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), Richard Schwartz, says our true “Self” exists side by side with the many parts that make us who we are.

4 Women Who Are Transforming Their Relationship Life – SC 180

Wondering HOW The Relationship School® changes lives? If it’s really worth it? Curious why more and more people are saying it’s life changing and the best thing they’ve ever done? In this episode, we hear the honest stories of four Relationship School® students, each living different lives with unique challenges.

Podcast Changes & Top 10 Podcasts From 2017 – SC 179

Happy New Year! In this special episode, Jayson shares his candid thoughts on what worked for the Smart Couple Podcast last year, what did not and the changes planned for 2018. We also get Jayson’s top ten episodes list from 2017.