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Why Entrepreneurs Struggle In Partnership & What To Do About It – Pete Pearson – SC 202

What does it take to build a strong team-style partnership? Why do so many entrepreneurial types rely on teamwork in their careers, but struggle to be a team player at home? Renowned therapist and co-founder of The Couples Institue, Pete Pearson, leads Jayson through a body-mind exercise that demonstrates ways to control reaction to stress in conflict and improve teamwork.

Dan Savage On Being Monogamish – SC 201

Are you just defaulting to monogamy? Ever GENUINELY asked yourself, “Would a different sexual model work better for me?” Author, sex-advice columnist and podcaster, Dan Savage, says we should all ask ourselves these questions regularly.

4 Men Discuss Love & The Path Of Personal Transformation – SC 198

Having awesome friends is great. Having awesome friends ALSO on the personal growth path IS BETTER! Personal growth powerhouses Reuvain Bacal, Will Vanderveer, Keith Kurlander & Jayson Gaddis are longtime friends with a quarter century of coaching & self-improvement experience between them. Listen in on their convo!

Why Feeling Insecure Is A Good Thing – SC 196

Who knew saying the words “I’m insecure” could be so sexy!?! It’s time to uncover those insecurities, let go of the entitlement and celebrate where you’re really at on your growth path.