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How & Why My Wife And I Chose Marriage – SC 50

My wife Ellen joins me as we discuss what had us fully choose each other and what I did to overcome my grass is greener mentality. You’ll also want to hear what she did to not tolerate my BS anymore.

Powerful Sex Practices with Layla Martin – SC 47

In this vulnerable and edgy episode I talk with Layla Martin, a zany, and wise, sex teacher who will remind you of your brilliance in the bedroom. This one is good for couples who want to deepen their sex life and get over any fear or resistance to going there.

Revolutionary Sex for Men with Alex Allman – SC 43

Giving her an orgasm isn’t what you think. In this episode guest Alex Allman helps men get more honest and more present with their sex lives and how crucial it is to have other men in your life to bust your balls when you need it.