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3 Things Bessel van der Kolk Did To Help Him Through His Recent Trauma – SC 191

A new study shows child abuse should be considered the second largest cause of illness in the U.S.. And yet, our diagnostic system ignores trauma completely. Listen to what trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk has to say about that and get his insight into turning traumatic pain into personal power!

Top 10 Takeaways From The Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA – Jayson & Ellen – SC 189

This year’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA was a dream for a relationship research and brain science nerd! If you geek out on that stuff, you’ll love hearing the highlights Jayson and his therapist partner, Ellen Boeder, have in their personal conference notes.

Life After Divorce On Facebook – Mark Shapiro – SC 188

If you’re like most people, you spend FOUR HOURS A DAY on your phone and check it ONE HUNDRED TIMES! Is all that time improving your life and the lives of others? If you use social media and want to hear a unique story about rebuilding after a separation, this episode is worth every minute!

3 Stages of A Long-Term Relationship – SC 187

Knowing the different stages of a long-term relationship can be really helpful. In this episode, Jayson breaks down the three stages, why they matter and what it takes to advance to the ultimate partnership phase we all desire. 

Moving From Victim To Genius – Gay Hendricks – SC 186

Ever heard of a freak accident rocking someone’s world and totally changing them for the better? Gay Hendricks has one of those stories! If you’re interested in the mind-body connection and seeking purpose, a forever partner or a new you…listen closely and Gay may just share all the wisdom you need, without experiencing your own life-altering mishap.

Parents-Why Your Kids Need You To Be In Charge – Kim John​ Payne – SC 185

Kids have been getting a lot of attention for troubling behavior recently…committing mass shootings, posting disturbing viral videos and lashing out at their parents with shocking rage. What is going on!?! In this episode, renowned author and counselor Kim John Payne clears up misconceptions about “disobedient” children and explains how you can bring a balance of power back to your household.

Life Purpose, The Cost of Comparison, & Spiritual Development – Dr. John Demartini – SC 184

Seeking purpose, health and happiness? International educator, best selling author, researcher and human behavior expert Dr. John Demartini can help you find answers! Don’t miss this diverse episode with one of Jayson’s greatest mentors.

Why it’s Essential to Fight in Front of Your Kids – SC 183

Fighting in front of the kids is a major taboo, but should it be? What if we started treating each conflict in the home as an opportunity for relationship homeschooling? Jayson Gaddis has spent years teaching kids (including his own) about how to do conflict. News flash: Lectures aren’t the answer. Leading by example is!

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