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They Went To 5 Different Therapists, Hired Divorce Lawyers And Somehow Stayed Together! – Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt – SC 199

Couples therapy legends Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt were told by THEIR therapist that they were the couple from hell. Since then they mended and have gone on to write multiple best selling books that have revolutionized the therapy field.

4 Men Discuss Love & The Path Of Personal Transformation – SC 198

Having awesome friends is great. Having awesome friends ALSO on the personal growth path IS BETTER! Personal growth powerhouses Reuvain Bacal, Will Vanderveer, Keith Kurlander & Jayson Gaddis are longtime friends with a quarter century of coaching & self-improvement experience between them. Listen in on their convo!

Warriorship, Anger & Not Running Away From Your Relationship Problems – SC 197 – Mark Groves

We all have a tendency to avoid things that are difficult but Human Connection Specialist and dating coach, Mark Groves, knows where there’s pain there’s gain. Let’s take a look at our wounded, angry warrior sides and see what they have to teach us about loving well!

How They Both Got To A Full Yes After 2.5 Years Of Struggle – Neil Sattin & Chloe Urban – SC 195

Coaches Neil Sattin and Chloe Urban are a great example of a couple getting it right in the face of some serious challenges. Listen closely and you can snag some of their most helpful relationship tools!

3 Ways For Couples To Make Tough Decisions Together – Ellyn Bader – SC 194

Jayson met up with renowned couples therapy expert and author, Ellyn Bader, at this year’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA. WOW, was she a treasure trove of insight. Not just theories and concepts, but insight that can be used every day.

Reversing Disease & Illness Using Your Mind & Relationships – Dan Siegel – SC 193

Right now, researchers and the public are fascinated with brain science and Dr. Dan Siegel is a legend in that department. Jayson and Dr. Siegel dig in deep in this one, discussing autoimmune disease, rewiring the brain, GMO food, struggles in the therapy field and so much more.

Clearing Conflict Through Sex – Jamie Wheal and Julie Webster – SC 192

Think a boring sex life is inevitable in a longterm relationship? Wrong! Jamie Wheal and Julie Webster are escaping traditional perceptions around intimacy. Learn how a sexual practice can refresh your relationship AND your nervous system.

3 Things Bessel van der Kolk Did To Help Him Through His Recent Trauma – SC 191

A new study shows child abuse should be considered the second largest cause of illness in the U.S.. And yet, our diagnostic system ignores trauma completely. Listen to what trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk has to say about that and get his insight into turning traumatic pain into personal power!

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