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Conflict Part 3 – SC 215

Conflict Part 2 – SC 214

In part two of this three-part series on conflict, Jayson breaks down the two skills you need when you’re in the heat of it and explains the different types of fights.

Conflict Part 1 – SC 213

Few things can rip a partnership or friendship apart like conflict. In part one of this three-part series on conflict, Jayson proposes ten pre-conflict agreements to transform conflict from a threatening experience into a growth opportunity.

Addiction & Partnership – SC 210

Have a partner, friend or family member with an addiction? Feeling discouraged about their ability to change? Well, often times at the core of addiction … is a relationship problem.

Caretaking Vs Caring For – SC 209

Society often glorifies the caretaker to a saint-like status. But, it’s important to know when caretaking reaches the point of actually being more harmful than helpful.

The Mother-Son Relationship Dynamic – Ellen & Jayson – SC 206

You know those couples where the woman handles almost everything and the man, well … kind of kicks back and acts like a teenager? That’s the mother-son dynamic and in this episode, you’ll learn how to escape that relationship trap and figure out why it happens in the first place.