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The Mother-Son Relationship Dynamic – Ellen & Jayson – SC 206

You know those couples where the woman handles almost everything and the man, well … kind of kicks back and acts like a teenager? That’s the mother-son dynamic and in this episode, you’ll learn how to escape that relationship trap and figure out why it happens in the first place.

Jayson Coaching A Brave Couple – Thomas & Heather – SC 205

As grand prize winners of a recent Smart Couple podcast contest, Heather and Thomas got to sit down for a free session with Jayson. In this emotional and inspiring interview, Jayson helps Heather and Thomas dig into their past to find answers they’ve been seeking for years.

The 4 Attachment Styles & Not Taking Things Personally – Diane Poole Heller – SC 204

A lot of things you take personally in relationship have very little to do with your partner. Those issues are really the result of YOUR past, YOUR triggers and YOUR perspective…So says long-time Boulder, Colorado therapist & expert in the field of Child and Adult Attachment Theory and Models, Dr. Diane Poole Heller.

Reassuring A Jealous Partner – Ellen & Jayson – SC 203

We all want a little reassurance. And that’s okay! But as Jayson’s wife Ellen Boeder points, out if you’re needing reassurance because you feel jealous, the issue you should address is the insecurity in your relationship.

Why Entrepreneurs Struggle In Partnership & What To Do About It – Pete Pearson – SC 202

What does it take to build a strong team-style partnership? Why do so many entrepreneurial types rely on teamwork in their careers, but struggle to be a team player at home? Renowned therapist and co-founder of The Couples Institue, Pete Pearson, leads Jayson through a body-mind exercise that demonstrates ways to control reaction to stress in conflict and improve teamwork.

Dan Savage On Being Monogamish – SC 201

Are you just defaulting to monogamy? Ever GENUINELY asked yourself, “Would a different sexual model work better for me?” Author, sex-advice columnist and podcaster, Dan Savage, says we should all ask ourselves these questions regularly.

How To Handle An Emotionally Shut Down Partner & Other Important Questions – SC 200

It’s fair to say that relationship is a journey to discover & learn the answers to one love-related question after another. So, what better way to celebrate this in our 200th EPISODE than to answer as many of your love related questions as we can!

They Went To 5 Different Therapists, Hired Divorce Lawyers And Somehow Stayed Together! – Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt – SC 199

Couples therapy legends Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt were told by THEIR therapist that they were the couple from hell. Since then they mended and have gone on to write multiple best selling books that have revolutionized the therapy field.

4 Men Discuss Love & The Path Of Personal Transformation – SC 198

Having awesome friends is great. Having awesome friends ALSO on the personal growth path IS BETTER! Personal growth powerhouses Reuvain Bacal, Will Vanderveer, Keith Kurlander & Jayson Gaddis are longtime friends with a quarter century of coaching & self-improvement experience between them. Listen in on their convo!

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