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Become A Certified Relationship Coach

Help Others Effectively With Their Relationship Challenges & Finally Claim Your Dream Job.

Are You A Natural Born Helper?

Become a Certified Relationship School® Coach!

Dear natural born helper,

This message is for you if you are a therapist, coach, or a natural born helper of some kind…

If your superpower is helping others, I’m looking for a small group of helpers that want to learn how to “coach” others more effectively and efficiently around their relationship challenges.

My guess is that you were the type of person as a boy or a girl, that had to help someone or you got really good at helping. Maybe it was helping a depressed parent, or a hurt sibling, or you were just the one tracking all the crazy family dynamics. Maybe you were the person your friends went to on the playground when they were hurt. And maybe you are still in this role in your friend circle, or even in your intimate relationship.

Maybe you chose a service-oriented career helping others.

If any of the above are true, congratulations, you are naturally set up to be good at helping others.

However, your skills are probably limited because you may be making the same mistake so many helpers make. You help from your childhood strategy to get approval/love and avoid losing connection.  Or maybe you have a habit of helping someone when they are not asking for it. Or maybe, you think it’s your duty to rescue people.

But the truth is none of the above are truly helping people.

In fact, when you think you know how to help someone when they are not asking for help, you rob them of the opportunity to fail, fall down, make mistakes, and pick themselves back up, which is where transformation happens.

If you want to breakthrough these limited ways of helping others and sharpen that natural helping sword, I’d like to invite you to become a relationship coach. It will be an extraordinary transformational experience for you. Plus you can get paid to use your superpower and do what you love.

If you want to start 2018 off with one of the best relationship coaches training on the planet, then I want you to consider training with The Relationship School® in our apprentice program.

After you apply, I will speak with you personally for as long as we need to help you take the leap with the other brave souls about to make this journey. It’s our 3rd training and I’m only accepting a small group of people while being very selective.

You are also welcome to speak with anyone from the program last year to hear about their experience. Just ask and we’ll put you in contact after you apply.


Regardless if you re feeling called because you are already a coach, therapist, or natural born helper, then apply now and we can get to your questions later.

I only have 10 slots.

Will you join us?

Jayson, Founder | The Relationship School®

The Relationship School®’s coaches training program is a rigorous 9-month crucible where you not only learn how to guide someone through their reelationship challenges, but you help yourself along the way. 

Any good coach is relentless about his or her inner work. The smart coach knows your own “stuff” will impede the coaching process so in this training you will examine all the ways in which you have helped others in the past and get a serious upgrade on how to help people more effectively.

Most coaching programs are a few weeks long and are overly simplistic in nature. This training goes to the heart of the healing relationship.

Because Jayson was a psychotherapist for 10 years, he understands the healing and transformational process of human journey. So, this training also takes the best of psychotherapy and psychology and infuses the coaching process with a depth that is unparalleled in any other coaching program. 

If you want to face yourself this year and get better tools to assist you in your own journey as well as helping others, this training is probably a good fit. 

If you want to step into and claim your essence as a healer/helper/guide/coach, this training is the spot. 

Are you ready to start getting paid well for your superpower?


  • Have taken the Relationship as a Path Foundations 8 week course
  • Have taken DPIR
  • Are a coach or therapist already
  • You are hungry to serve others and get more skilled at doing so


  • If you train hard, you will become a certified Level 1 Relationship Coach
  • You’ll get 3 live in-person training weekends here in Boulder Colorado
  • 18 virtual training sessions
  • Real clients that you start coaching immediately.
  • The 5 building blocks of effective relationship coaching
  • Massive boost in your self- confidence, knowing you have completely transformed this part of your life
  • Belonging to a growth-development tribe that knows who you really are because you’ve been through this huge rite of passage together
  • Noticed. Because other people will be like “WTF happened to him/her? She/He is so solid.”

2018 Apprentice (RC1) Schedule

We will have Virtual Classes every other Tuesday. All of the dates are to the right.

These calls will all happen through Zoom. When we have the link to sign up for the calls, we will send it to you and post it here.

Semester 1
Virtual Classes 2018

January 23, 1:30pm

February 6, 12:30pm

February 20, 1:30pm

March 6, 12:30pm

March 20, 1:30pm

April 17, 12:30pm

May 15, 12:30pm

May 29, 12:30pm

June 5, 12:30pm

Semester 2
Virtual Classes 2018

June 12, 12:30pm

June 26, 12:30pm

August 7, 12:30pm

August 21, 12:30pm

September 4, 12:30pm

September 18, 12:30pm

October 2, 12:30pm

October 16, 12:30pm


Live Weekends

February 8-11

June 1-3

October 25-28, 2018

(Subject to change)

Ready to learn how to help others and get paid for doing what you love?

Hurry and get your application in now!

Primarily you will learn:

The 5 Building Blocks Of Effective Relationship Coaching

  • Setting the context for the coaching experience
  • Presence
  • Deepening
  • Leadership
  • Inner work

Ready to learn how to help others and get paid for doing what you love?

Hurry and get your application in now!